18.04.2016 – New Release!
Chris QHQ – Poet (Remixes)

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17.02.2016 – New Release!
Chris QHQ / Aemkay – Split Volume 5

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16.02.2016 – Mastering!
A/B – Comparison
We just did a graphical presentation about the mastered and unmastered version of the same song; in that case named: „160216“
– Both versions are normalized to 0dB!
– An important fact for a high qualitiy mastering is, that the transients aren’t destroyed or broken after the process.
160216 – Mastered Version:
160216 - Masterband
160216 – Unmastered Version:
160216 - Only Normalized

But we know that listen to the music is more important:

If you’re interested in our studio-service for mastering audio or have any questions, feel free and contact us via e-Mail.
We’re going to handle your requests friendly, professional and close in time.

07.12.2015 – New Release!
Aemkay – From Heaven To Hell

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Bjoern Scheurmann – November – Top Ten
01. Antigone – Blue Note
02. Rote – Rote 1
03. Yotam Avni – This Is How
04. Noir – Lumière Brillante
05. Answer Code Request – Feel Rework
06. Tale Of Us, Mind Against – Astral
07. Tensal – Thesis 3
08. DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep
09. Chris QHQ – Humidity
10. Tale Of Us – Silent Space

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21.09.2015 – New Release!
Chris QHQ – Poet & Humidity

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07.09.2015 – New Release!
Bjoern Scheurmann – Selected Works

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The bombs, which are dropped by our tastemaker Bjoern Scheurmannn (Fassade Records, Paso Music, Affin) in July!

Bjoern Scheurmann – July 2015 – Top Ten
01. Duss – Splitted
02. Sterac – The Hypnoticus II
03. Anja Schneider – Circle Culture
04. Bjoern Scheurmann – Mummpitz
05. Coyu feat. Marissa Guzman – Apparition
06. Macromism – Bang Show
07. Pan-Pot, Stephan Hinz – Tension
08. Peace Division – Eh Oh Um
09. Aemkay – Spread The Hood
10. Josh Wink – Are You There (Ben Klock Remix)

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More information about Bjoern Scheurmann:
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13.07.2015 – New Release!
Bjoern Scheurmann – Totaler Mummpitz
incl. remixes by well-known artists like Raphael Dincsoy, Max Brannslokker and many more…

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29.06.2015 – New Release!
Aemkay – Forgotten Stories
Enjoy that mixture of Deep- / Tech-House and Minimal tunes produced by our well-known artist Aemkay!

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Bjoern Scheurmann – May 2015 – Top Ten
Bjoern Scheurmann – the founder and holder of Fassade Records – picks following tracks for May 2015.

01. Josh Wink – Denial (Prise D’Acid Version)
02. Kink – Pocket Piano (Breakbeat Mix)
03. Teranova – Labrador
04. Jupiter Jazz – Shake It Mama
05. Bjoern Scheurmann – Twin Peaks
06. Those In Boxes – Midday Blues
07. Drumcell – Departing Comfort (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
08. Frankyeffe – Yes Or Not (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix)
09. Alan Fitzpatrick – For An Endless Night (Jel Ford Remix)
10. Raphael Dincsoy – Doomsday (Bjoern Scheurmann Remix)

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More information about Bjoern Scheurmann:
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